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Even during this pandemic COVID-19 every year couples seek new and unique details to include in their wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to 2021 wedding trends, brides and grooms can find updates to currently popular designs and innovative ideas that have not been seen before at weddings.

Here’s some of what’s in store for the upcoming year. Signature and Customized Cocktails have become very popular. The caterer also has customized drinks in the wedding color scheme, like serving blue infused drinks when blue or purple is a dominant color in the wedding. Statement Wedding Cakes There is something iconic about a wedding cake, so for those who are going cake they are going big and bold.

 The confections range from classic white to eye-catching color. Believe it or not, warm bronze, soft gray, pale blue and gold are some favorite fondant tones. That takes the cake. Sculptural Floral Installations Floral installations became the hot new design. The floral installations can include a dried flower, hanging roses, an exploding bouquet as a centerpiece, or something as unusual as flower placemats.

Small floral installations are still popular for 2021, but the trend will bring even more unique sculptural installations, which are placed on the table. Sunday Weddings on the Rise Couples have been adding multiple events to their wedding weekend, including welcome parties, after parties and post-wedding brunches for years, but instead of ending the weekend at the brunch, they’re planning the big event for Sunday.

The wedding weekend is stretching from Friday to Sunday, especially when the family is Sabbath observant. Polka Dot Wedding Wear Whether the bride is inspired by dotted lace fabric on her veil on in her dress, or the groom has bold or subtle polka dots on his tie or bow tie, the look of the perennial polka dot, always in style, will walk down the aisle in 2021. Purple is Replacing Navy blue When considering 2021 wedding trends, pale navy blues are retreating and shades of purple are taking center stage. Lavender and other darker hues of purple are the new “it color,” replacing blush and navy blue. Think bluebell roses or various shades of purple in the accessories. Using the color of royalty, purple can be light and airy or very bold and dramatic.