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Destination weddings used to be synonymous with elopement. Times have changed. True, destination wedding couples still run off to wed, but they do so with their guests and to any location that’s not home. Today’s destination weddings take place on beaches, in castles, at ancient ruins, in vineyards, and on mountainsides. Think Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Italy, Napa Valley, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon—even Sandusky, Ohio, if your couple so desires. If they dream it, they can do it.

A lot of destination weddings got hurt by COVID-19, so many brides cancel their wedding and I had clients who cancel from Italy wedding into a backyard wedding.

Nevertheless, After this time over or when we find vaccines for viruses hope traveling not an issue again. I see the success of destination wedding hinges on the ability to sync a couple’s personality with the locale. Most couples are looking for unique destinations. They’re not necessarily asking for all-inclusive, but they do want places with activities for the guests that are also easy to access from airports. Most want boutique-type hotels where they cater to guests and host one wedding a day.

Most of the Caribbean destination weddings are beach driven. The couples want a beautiful beach with sunset ceremony. They want to be the only bride that day. If they see another wedding on the property that day, they won’t even consider it.

When you think the Caribbean, you think sun, sea, sand, surf.  it’s about matching the personality of the brides to the resort through an architectural flare, lifestyle, and amenities there are a number of couples who choose to wed in its chapels and cathedrals.  There are other great locations to perform all kinds of weddings as well, and there are several symbolic ceremonies performed by a shaman, like the Mayan wedding.

Trends range from eco-weddings to all-inclusive This year, more and more planners are seeing couples request “green” destination weddings. Brides and grooms are seeking sites that are environmentally responsible in the use of water and energy, as well as how recyclables are handled. This philosophy is spreading to the ceremony and reception.

All-inclusive resorts are also increasing in popularity. Hotel stay, land and water activities, drinks, food, and even tips are included. There is wine service and white-gloved service at some restaurants. Everything is experiential. The only things people pay for are experiences they want to enjoy above and beyond, like the gift shop, photography, the spa.