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You have shared your wonderful news with family and friends and are now enjoying prestigious membership in the “Engaged Couples Club”. In fact, the thrill may still be causing you to be a little light-headed!

We understand how important it is for today’s Bridal Couples to plan a wedding that reflects their unique sense of style while in the midst of a very hectic daily schedule leading up to the big event.

This will probably be one of the biggest planning challenges of your life to date. Do not despair. Here are a few basic “Planning Rules” that will help to guide the process:

1. Wedding Planning is like marriage… approach it as a team.

2. Focus on what is really important.

3. Punctuate your wedding planning with “wedding free” outings where the subject is out of bounds.

4. Don’t PROCRASTINATE… it will only add anxiety and disappointment to the planning process.

5. Enjoy… there will never be another time like this!

In order to avoid disappointment, planning and ordering should commence two to four months before your big day.

Remember… Do not procrastinate Rule #4!

Wishing you happy planning and an even “Happier Ever After”!