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Floral designer Laura Yap shares her design experienced from more than 200 weddings to enhance and brighten your wedding day. 

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Summer Wedding Floral

Chapter 1

Every bride wants a special wedding—one that is different from any other. She wants a wedding that inspires and moves guests while creating lasting memories for her and her groom.

Weddings have certainly evolved from the time of our parents and grandparents. Nowadays, these celebrations have become a fashionable event with special wedding themes, styles and decor bringing a bride’s dream into reality.

The black and white theme allows you to add a pop of color as and where you would like to do so without crowding or over-decorating your space.

Most importantly is that you must remember to enjoy this planning stage of your life, do not stress because we are here to help you along. Email me all your questions, share your planning with us and even let us know how life is going for you if you are a newlywed. I look forward to getting in touch with you.

Happy planning!


Overview & Preview

4 Chapters

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On a daily basis we do not tend to take a great deal of notice of the colors that surround us; plants in the garden, hedgerows, trees, decoration in our homes and offices. It is often only when we arrange a wedding and choose bridesmaids’ dresses, for example, that we become more conscious of color. For some brides, the color for their attendants’ clothing is a forgone conclusion, innate years before any plans are announced. For others, the choice is overwhelming, and it may not now be just the bride’s choice but the choice of overenthusiastic bridesmaids as well.

The relationship between the color of the dresses and the color of the flowers is very important; they must work together to achieve a harmonious relationship. Brightly colored dresses work best with some equally bright flowers, while subtly colored flowers may be overpowered by bright dress material. Tones of sage and mint green with closely matched flowers may create an understatement and be lost against the dress, but by using a medley of colors, including the greens of the dress, you will bring life to the overall look. What- ever is decided, make sure that the flowers complement and are compatible with the complexions, skin tone and hair colors of all the bridesmaids and bride.

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